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This a REST application inspired in the excellent example of the book Rest in Practice.

I started this application as an exploratory example of REST and the state of the art of the web frameworks in .Net.

This is the result of a collaborative work. Even if I wrote almost all the code; I did it with the guidance of the amazing group of experts working at Tellago.

The example has served me to learn the REST theory as well as the new Wcf Web API. It has also served to the team to discuss various different approaches and to explore different technologies.

The purpose of the example is not to show “the” way of doing things but to have something where we can clone, change, discuss and so. Consider this only as one way of doing REST on the .Net platform.

My plan is to keep growing this example as well as write an entire series of posts about how I implemented each use case.

Try online!

Do you want to try the application online without installing anything?

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