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In this post I will give a brief overview of RestBucks on Net.

Briefly RestBucks is a coffee shop as any other, well not as any other. They offer a tasty coffee and what is most interesting for us; a RESTfull interface where the customers can order the tasty black liquid. With this REST interface customers can make an order, customize, cancel, ask if it is ready, and so on. If you want to read a more (but not the whole book) you can read this article in infoq (I strongly recommend you the book though).

Use cases

These are the use cases implemented so far:

  • The customer makes an order
  • The customer changes an order
  • The customer pays the order
  • The customer queries his order
  • The customer cancels his order

As well, as:

  • The barista prepare an order

Implementation details

Since I started to participate in the opensource world with examples, I always tried to avoid examples that doesn’t work in real life or to answer to a poignant question with “it is just an example”. My goal with this application is that you can take it and use it for a real world scenario. Thus I am using real world technology, patterns and methodologies:

The tools I have used for this example were not randomly chosen. They are ready to be used in real world applications.

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