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Before I get to the core concepts; here is a short explanation of what you have to do to get the project working on your machine:

  1. Clone the codeplex repository with mercurial
  2. Create an empty database in a Sql Server instance
  3. Open the Visual Studio solution
  4. Edit the connection string named “Restbucks” in the Web.Config (web project) and App.config (test project) files.
  5. Run the test in RestBucks.Tests.DataInitializer, named InitializeData; this will create the database schema and populate some data.

If you want to run the full suite of tests, you need to follow these two additional steps:

  1. Create another empty database
  2. Modify the connection string named “Restbucks_Tests” in the App.Config (test project) to point to the database that you just created.

Now you can run the application! You will learn how it works in the following post.

Note: all the dependencies were added with nuget, the dependencies are not under version control. The first time you build the solution, nuget will fetch all the dependencies from the main repository as explained here. You don’t need nuget installed to do this, simply build the solution as any other solution.

Contributors are welcome!

Want to contribute to this sample or show would you implement other RESTful patterns? follow the following steps:

  1. Fork the repository in codeplex (you will need a codeplex account)
  2. Make changes to your local copy (clone in Mercurial jargon)
  3. Do as many commit as you want, (within a new branch is the preferred way; but not mandatory)
  4. Push your changes to your fork in codeplex
  5. Ping me in twitter, mail or wherever you want so I can see your changes (preferred codeplex discussion list)

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