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After setting up your environment, you can run the application. Here is a description of what you can do and how the application will behave.

This is the last post before we get deep into the code.

The first thing you will see when you run the application is this:


Yes, there is no GUI for this application. It is an example of a backend system :)

For testing purposes, I recommend you to use Fiddler.

Fiddler, let you watch the http request and responses going on:


The application is self documented. There is a doc folder and you will find there some htms explaining how to use the application:


Then, if you open the Create an Order page you will see this:


And then you can copy&past this information in the Fiddler “Request Builder”:


And then Execute:


Now, we got a 201-Created and the Location, we can copy the value of the Location header, and past it into our browser. You will see something as follows:


Notice; that this give you few other things apart from what you POSTed:

  • The total cost of your order.
  • The status of your order.
  • The links of the things you can do with your order.

Each link has the URI for the resource as well as the “relation” link. If you follow the relation link in the browser, you will see all the information you need to do that operation.

Once you paid your order, your order will remind as “Paid” until the barista prepare it. The barista run in parallel and will pop and prepare one order every 60s. Feel free to explore the Barista.cs class :)

That is all, in the next articles we will jump into the use cases.

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